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ISO 9001:2008 Quality Policy Statement

Ujwal Electrical Stampings Ltd is a manufacturer and electroplater of precision stampings, with over 18 years experience. We provide parts for electronics, medical, automotive, telecommunications and solar applications from our base in India. We supply hundreds of components all-over india.

It is our policy to improve the performance of our Management system through a continuous programme of data collection, analysis and action. The purpose of our Management system is to satisfy or exceed customer expectations; helping us to maintain or improve the high standard of products and services that we provide. In addition to improving our performance we will reduce our environmental impact by complying with relevant environmental legislation and through progress towards our targets and objectives.

We are also committed to continual improvement, prevention of pollution and reducing risks associated with emergency situations (such as fire, flood and chemical release). To this end we will appraise our performance during management review, and also review our targets and objectives to ensure that they remain appropriate.

This policy will be communicated to all company employees and subcontractors and is available to all interested parties, including the public, on request.