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"No matter what is the size of component, with wide range of presses & tools, Ujwal is having strong commitment in progression stamping technology for Electrical industry, Switchgear industy & automobile industuries."

Latest state-of-art equipment & processes are used to produce all type of generator laminations motor lamination, switchgear part like E-magnets, switchgear brass & copper components with value added activities like riveting, welding, pressing etc. Ujwal has invested in high volume in high speed power presses manufactured by Bruderer, Yamda Dobby, Haulic-Roos, Ingyu, Fair Oaks Aaida ranging from 20 to 350 tons capacity etc.

Mechanical & Pneumatic presses ranging from 10 to 200 ton capacity helps to produce press parts like coupling discs, Stator & rotor blanks, switchgear press parts. With wide range of Hydraulic presses, Ujwal has also developed Deep Draw line to serve switchgear & motor industry